Top 5 Live Streaming Apps

As per Smartphone and Tablet Usage Report, eighty-one percent of US respondents utilize their mobile phones for broadcasting live video.


Clearly, it clarifies why everyone is so anxious to know about top-notch solutions for live video streaming on smartphones. These applications are easy to install and use, as well as transmit HD video online and empower their users to be involved in a discussion with stream anchor or other watchers. is guaranteed to be the best Android live video streaming application for social media activities. Its primary highlights are different stickers and makeup impacts, which can be connected to your face during the broadcast. 
      Ustream is predominantly used for watching live HD videos on different occasions, for interfacing with different viewers and for sorting out your own particular broadcasts. Notwithstanding, know about the way that HD streaming with this application is upheld just by certain mobile phones.
        Kamcord is a notable live video streaming app for Android. This tool empowers you to broadcast your activities while sharing a screen and recording short videos of your most loved applications. Additionally, with Kamcord it is easy to join chat and comment on any live broadcasts.
      With you don’t have to expend additional exertion for watching, enjoying and chatting in the meantime. Besides, you can without much of a stretch stream brilliant video all alone and offer it to your colleagues. is an incredible tool for staying in touch with your great companions and meeting new ones.
      This app goes for live interaction between the broadcasters and their viewers. In this way, don’t be astonished when chat zone and recommended streams will take a considerable part of your screen.

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