5 Must Have Features For an ECommerce Marketplace

Ready to start searching for an e-commerce clone script for your online Marketplace? You need a technical specification. Along these, make a list of your needs for your site development.

Despite the fact that every marketplace is special, there are standard features. How about we review them to enable you to start your list.

Seller Dashboard

Every merchant needs a different vendor account where they will include their products, make special offers, include shipping strategies, manage shipping cost, get sales reports, ask for payouts, get notices on the low stock, new requests or new customer messages, and so forth. Keep in mind that, they’re not geeks, so the interface ought to be extremely easy to understand.

5 features ecommerce marketplace


Inventory management ought to be simple for your vendors. In light of the product types, you will list on your market, think what functionality you’ll require in your eCommerce platform.

For instance, in the event that you offer clothes, you require the capacity to set product options and qualities, similar to size, color. If you offer rentals, there ought to be where a customer will pick dates. In the event that you offer software, you require a simple digital downloads tool which permits including a record for every product and has it consequently sent to the user who submitted the request.


Best case scenario, transactions should be a piece of your eCommerce marketplace activity. The transactions stream combines payments from buyers, expenses from merchants and payouts to sellers.

For client payments, there are two vital activities – give your customers a decision of a few installment techniques and guarantee installments security both for your business and for your customers.

Having a few payment choices expands your checkout page conversion rates. Furthermore, strong security is an absolute necessity in any event for building trust with consumers.

Orders Fulfillment

To limit your endeavors, you can give your vendors full access to orders management system. Give them a chance to alter existing orders and make new in the interest of customers, make full and incomplete refunds.

Anyway, as a store manager, you should keep the orders fulfillment process under your control. Its quality directly impacts your customers’ fulfillment. You ought to approach all requests put in your marketplace and have the capacity to filter them by status to check their timely processing.

Empower seller and customer notifications, with the goal that the previous know immediately when an order is placed, and the last are very much aware of their request status and updates.

Ratings and Reviews

Customer ratings and reviews are a fundamental part of a converting marketplace. Give customers a chance to rate products, the precision of descriptions and orders fulfillment.

Great reviews will urge different customers to make a purchase, and terrible reviews will drive sellers to improve the situation. It’s an extra hotspot for you to perceive how well your sellers do. Admins and sellers ought to have the capacity to answer to these reviews.

Customer reviews are additionally worthwhile for SEO. You can help the impact if you integrate with reviews services.

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