Fantacy- Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform to Buy/Sell Products

The internet users all around the world is greatly depending upon the services available through online for their every needs. This need brings great business opportunity with the setup of multi-vendor marketplace platform to buy/sell products. Person owning a retail store for business in the quest to expand the business or attract more buyers to his store then they can make use of this platform as marketplace to sell their products. In online marketplace the users can set up their own store with own way of showcasing their products they have.

The users who having the interest to buy the products for their needs through online will get benefited from these marketplace platforms where they can able to see the products which they are in need from the collections shown by multiple vendors and buy from the seller who they feel right by comparing the price, quality, and discount offered by each seller.

Fancy App from Appkodes

Fantacy app (web, iOS, Android)  provided by appkodes is a multi-vendor marketplace platform to buy/sell products which attracts the sellers and buyers to utilise the features of application to meet their needs.


This application provides sellers an good opportunity in grabbing the wide range of customers all around the place and equally helps the buyers with right kind of choices for them to buy from multiple vendors.

The notable features which help the sellers are

  • Providing product details in an attractive way.
  • Included space for buyers with product selfie to increase seller authenticity.
  • Merchant dashboard provided with coupons.

The features for the buyers are

  • Advanced filter options to search and pick products from multiple vendors.
  • Follow particular sellers products and brands.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Group gifts and gift cards.
  • Invite friends to use this app and get credits for accepted invitations.
  • Options share, comment and tag their friends with the product on social media sites.

Revenue factor

The admin of application can earn through

  • Seller basis commision: commision based on the sales made by the seller through the application.
  • Fantacy ad banners: Commercial space for vendors to display their images to improve their sales.

This application is bug-free, secured provided with an attractive design and extremely powerful performance and with all essential features of the e-commerce site for the setup of multi-vendor marketplace platform to buy/sell the products. Which readily provides the opportunity for the entrepreneurs who have an idea to start their online shopping business.

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