Exclusive Seller or Storage App For Sellers – Fantacy Clone

Fantacy Seller App  

  Our marketplace mobile app for sellers to log in and can directly list physical and digital products directly through the mobile application, without the use of web application. Sellers can able to see their complete shops statistics like orders made, revenue, commission based on today, this week, this month and year. With our powerful mobile application sellers can update the status of orders made on their sites. They can change their status of orders too. Through our seller mobile app, every seller may look upon and run their whole business on the go by just using a smartphone.
Fantacy New Seller App  : Release On Feb 10,218    
Appkodes Fancy Clone – Fantacy ( Web and Mobile Apps )

Being an Entrepreneur you may be all set and ready to begin your new venture online. Yet you might be confused a little bit in finding the best and leading fancy clone script which is available on the market today. It’s True it might be a little annoying to find the best script since the market is overflowing with scripts. So here, I have listed a few Fancy Clone scripts and apps which leads the current market of 2018.

Fantacy is a marketplace script to explore trendy things, to collect all of the cool things you want, to obtain all updates on your favorite companies, brands and online/in-store shopping and to share your trendy collections. Users can create a full album of all their most favorite trendy stuff from around the globe and all over the web. Fantacy is a Multi-vendor script with many interesting social eCommerce features. Anyone can shop in Fantacy e-commerce site using the live feeds and product sharing as engaging in a social media platform.

Things to be considered before buying Fancy Script:

  • 100% Customizable – Fantacy Script can be customized according to the business owners wish.
  • The Fancy script is developed with PHP, Yii-Framework for Web, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.
  • Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) Technology stack has been used in Fancy Script.
  • The business owner doesn’t need any programming knowledge to maintain the script. But if the owner has knowledge on codings then he may alternate the script by his own wish.
  • It is more Adoptable in which it can be used to launch any type of business such as Antique Shop, Jewellery Shop, Arts and Crafts Stores etc.
  • People can reach Appkodes Support team via Live Chat, E-mail, Direct Call, and Support Ticket System.

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