The multi vendor store script is an incredible package of software that allows any user to set up a business. The cloning process is providing the ability for software professionals to import the source code of a reputed shopping portal and alter the code according to the need of the business. The best process of the entire scenario is the ready availability of the package.

It requires less than seventy-two hours creating a website and taking it live on the Internet. The script is a platform that brings multiple merchants to trade their products and services to people regardless of country.
Unlike the traditional multi vendor store script, the software from fantacy includes several essential features that benefit the post in acquiring new merchants and users. The features include administration, and commission setup, user account management, dispute management, payment gateway management, shipping maintenance, feedback, and authority to override the configuration and settings.
Multi vendor Ecommerce Software Script
Altering the settings of the software depends on the business model. Fantacy sells the software in for different packages that suit the growth of the business and the targeted audience. All the packages receive round the clock support, hundred percent source code and free installation. The varying elements are the lifetime assistance, free up-gradation and mobile apps for both merchants and users.
The multi vendor store script is an advantageous package for any user who would like to turn into an entrepreneur. The availability of features and assistance from the developers make it easy to setup the e-commerce portal that brings together merchants and users onto the same platform. The feature rich application enables the user to experience a new trend in online shopping. The advanced search options, wish list and followers have opened a gateway to the social shopping network that is interviewing and ideal for new age consumers.
The advantage of the multi vendor store script is its ability to function efficiently and carry out customization according to the demands of the business. The host receives complete authority over the management. The accessibility and grant of permission to the efficient functioning of the features vary according to the selection of the package.
As a Webmaster, it is critical to ensure that the script runs smoothly. Therefore, seeking the help of developers at times is unavoidable. Moreover, the round the clock support gives a convenient process in establishing a live chat to attend a technical problem pertaining to the operation of the script.
Fantasies multi vendor store script is a great boon in the field of software development. Any individual planning to enter the e-commerce software arena has an excellent choice to select an appropriate package of the software. The feature rich script gives complete authority to analyze and design the overall activity of the web portal.
Furthermore, the support of the developers at all times ensures that a Webmaster receives assistance at all times. The smooth operation of the script helps in establishing a reputation in the competitive e-commerce field, bringing on-board multiple vendors and users from different parts of the globe.

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