Things To Know Before Launching a Car Rental Industry

The scenario of having the best car for your own travel is getting changed. By the past decade, we can see that renting a car is taking over car ownership for its wide range of benefits.

Car rental platforms have already begun as an exciting startup option, and are making their presence across the globe. If you are also one among them who is planning to launch a successful peer-to-peer car rental platform, here is the business model and website features that you must keep in mind:

Things To Know Before Launching a Car Rental Industry

Let’s start with the business model.

Business Model

Websites like Drivy, Deways, and Relayrides offer a platform where you can rent a car very easily when it’s free. The group of vehicles for rental is done by owners who charge a nominal amount of fee to rent out their vehicle. The renters may easily access a vehicle and pay only for the time they were using the vehicle. Such type of businesses provide a platform for car bookings and rental also charge a fixed percentage of the fee as commission.

Revenue Model

Here are some sources of generating revenue from your peer-to-peer car rental portal:

  • Commission on Booking Fee: Here the website owner can charge a booking fee on every car which makes a booking from the renter.
  • Banner Ads and On-Site Car Promotion: Here the admin can post ads on the banners for the car owners who are willing to pay some extra money.
  • Subscription Packages for Car Owners: To manage instant  & secure car sharing – Monthly/yearly subscription options are available.


Few Features to mention

Car Inventory Management

Any authorized users of Car Rental Script may add as many as car types and informations as necessary, and assign various extras features to each vehicle (GPS, child seat, insurance, etc.). The users can also control the price rates depending on booking length and time period.

Booking System Automation

The Airfinch script allows you to define minimum length of booking, set booking time slots, rules for on-hold status, etc. You can add a pick-up and drop location with the exact coordinates. Car rental script admins may configure and personalize Email/SMS alerts which will be sent whenever a new booking or payment or cancellation is done.

Reservations Management

The front-end UI of our car rental script provides an easy, step-by-step booking process. Admins can add, edit, browse and delete bookings from the back-end. They can also access and import customer details into their existing customer base.

Collect Payments

The Car Rental Script supports a wide range of online and offline payments. Users can request any other payment gateway as per their business needs. Customers may also pay by their wish like through bank, credit card or cash, too.

For Drivers:

  • No hidden fees & provision of minimum rental.
  • Wide Variety of car models available from city cars to minivans.
  • Insured rentals

For Owners:

  • Regular earnings.
  • Car renting as per convenience.

Launch your car rental website with our car rental script which has essential features that will enhance your business and attract more customers. The Airfinch script admin does not require any special IT skills. It’s back-end system is perceptive and well organized. We will provide full tech support both prior and after integration, as well as FREE updates which happens during the support period. Contact us if you need any additional information or customization.

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