How You Can Attend Top Clone Scripts With Minimal Budget?

As you are starting or about to start a business using Top Clone Scripts you may have closely studied the established website in the domain. You may also have considered the weak points, a list of features & functionality and design changes of that website. Now creating a unique Top Clone Scripts inspired from the idea of that established website will our website clone. Which includes all the features you listed with innovative design changes and value-added service offering. This will ensure your website will be familiar to your targeted user.

Reason For The User Experience:

Creating a Top Clone Scripts inspired from existing website with value addition like new features, new service offerings, new design and improved user-experience is what website clone for us. The company developing clone scripts should understand the importance of most fundamental elements like database design, code architecture, code modularity, scalable factor, design and user-experience factor. We have dedicated a team for each domain such as programming, designing, and testing. Each of our website clones needs to pass through strict testing from our testing department. This ensures that client gets the best performing clone.

Looking at the popularity and growth potential of an Online market segment, Appkodes did an in-depth analysis of various clone scripts platforms and their business model.

Key Website Features To Have an Edge

Business model of these platforms is based on the idea of providing a premium chain of low budget Clone Scripts under a single banner. This ideology needs to be visible across the website, where you need to focus on providing a user-friendly platform to find and book rooms. Following are the website features and aspects that no prospective clone ought to ignore:


When a user lands on the homepage, it just takes him one glance to determine whether to use the service or head on to a competitor. This is the reason you need to go all out when it comes to homepage design. Some of the necessary features worth including are:

  • Prominently placed tagline that greets the visitor on the homepage.
  • The search bar present below the tagline along with prominent search parameters.
  • In order to entice users into using the service, you can also list important stats about yourself.
  • A menu bar that displays all the cities where you provide hotel booking services
  • Dedicated sections for popular cities
  • Testimonials section

Mobile App

In this era of mobility, it has become imperative to have a mobile application so that users can purchase, book, or study on the go. To ensure that users are aware of your offering, you can have a dedicated section preferably on the homepage that displays link to your mobile app. In addition to it, you can also make provision of a discount on first booking to entices users into downloading your mobile application.

Payment Options

You can also offer two types of payment options to the users for their convenience. Users can either pay online or make their payment at the hotel itself. If you are building your hotel booking portal for a developing country, then, the latter option can turn out to be beneficial. Leading brands like OyoRooms and ZoRooms do the same.

After thorough analysis, we came up with key website features that would give entrepreneurs how to proceed.

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