Why Simple Online Store When You Can Have Multi-Vendor Marketplace


With the marvelous achievement of flourishing marketplaces, web based shopping has been reclassified. Established online shippers and additionally business people understand that putting resources into a multi-vendor model is a superior arrangement as well as the demand of the changing times. Online business financial specialists have additionally demonstrated an inclination for multi-channel business for multi-channel business models especially multi-vendor marketplaces.

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What makes your store a multi-seller E-Commerce store?

A multi-seller highlight enables you to expand your online store and change it into a marketplace with any number of vendors offering same or diverse items on the common platform. Let’s say, you have an online store, which offers numerous choices to your customers. They can pick and choose the services of the different merchants listed on your portal based on their offers, fast delivery, competitive pricing or a combination of these criteria.

Why is Multi-seller e-commerce platform so popular?

Innovation is the key to the achievement of any business and this is the motivation behind why multi-vendor stages are winding up plainly progressively well known when compared with a fundamental online store. The multi-merchant store has some conspicuous advantages as listed underneath:


Sell a variety of products

You can add any number of sellers to your store who will have their own particular inventory. This implies your store will come near the physical world marketplace where lots of sellers offer an immense variety of products for the customers. It’s an easy decision that will multiple products and offers the traffic and sales of your online store are bound to increase manifold.


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Streamlined and smooth operations

Running an online store adequately is about streamlining operations to oversee and deliver products in the quickest way. When you change over your online store into a multi-seller marketplace dealing with logistics, managing inventories, providing product catalog updates is all done by the individual vendors This outcome in smooth and bother free operations and shifts the headache of managing it all multiple players.

Less expensive

Having an online commercial center can definitely cut your cost of managing different groups required for keeping up the inventory side of the business. You can concentrate on your deals and customer support team who can be utilized for scaling the market and keeping your clients glad. This division of work chops down the expenses as well as results in more prominent proficiency and better quality of the job.

No Inventory Needed

The most overwhelming errand while beginning an e-commerce business is to set up a distribution center and hire and manage human resources needed to oversee it. This activity needs can altogether build the cost of maintaining the business, particularly in the early stages. With multi-vendor functionality, an online store can get rid of this basic requirement as the warehouse and related human resource is the responsibility of the vendors.

Additional Earning with minimum effort


By adding different dealers to your store and charging distinctive levels of commission from them you can gain additional income with practically immaterial exertion. Each time a vendor gets a request from your online store you consequently get a rate of profit as commission.


Lesser responsibility more control

The administrator of an online marketplace has finish control and expert of picking, permitting, limiting or dismissing any merchant. Once a seller is listed on any commercial center the onus of request satisfaction is totally on him. This liberates the administrator from numerous duty while the completed authority of managing different sellers stays with him.

Which industries and services can benefit from marketplace set up?

All the business verticals can profit by a multi-seller e-commerce business store.

  • Food shop
  • Grocery chain with stores in different locations
  • Service platform for doctors and medical professionals
  • Gifts and flowers business
  • Big franchise running different stores
  • any e-commerce verticals
  • Various non-profit and social organizations

Are you satisfied with having a simple online store selling goods or services to your customers?Don’t you need to accomplish something greater and better by contacting a substantially bigger crowd and making them your dependable purchasers by spoiling them for choice? Sounds natural? Yes, it is, on the grounds that this is precisely what the most prominent online marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon did to totally change the view of

So, why wasting time on your simple online store when you can start your multi-vendor online store with Appkodes which provides you the complete script for the Online Multi-Vendor Marketplace at an affordable cost. So, Think fast and Start your own online multi-vendor marketplace with Appkodes.



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