Promote Your Boat & Yacht Rental Business Using Airbnb Clone

AirFinch Airbnb Clone Script is a personalized vacation rental business. The Airbnb Vacation Rental Business is running with the impressive business concept of availing a destination to accommodate for the world travelers. Airbnb Clone Script is powered with the latest features & facilities that will enhance your online vacation rental business and moves over and above the original market pioneers in this industry.

Airbnb is easy to use. It is quite simple to setup and maintain it. You don’t need technical knowledge to get started with your site. Prompt enhancements from us keep you on the edge of your rental business. With the most recent version released, you get the most exciting and cool plug-ins along with it.

img 1

Airfinch can be altered better to use in a wide range of rental business. Furthermore, now we make it possible in Boat & Private yacht business too. Are you currently thinking of how to make this possible through our Airbnb clone script? We can ease the job and tension of user to get their preferred boat online and will improve the business of the host with more exposure.

It is not that much simple to get a boat of our decision when the user reach the place instead it’s better to book the motorboat or yacht which fulfill your need before reaching the place can make the user enjoy their trip rather than anxiety about sailing the sea or islands.

For the Users:

Users of Airbnb clone script includes many features like

  • Simple Signup/Login alternative with Facebook or Gmail.
  • Can lease their boat or yacht from everywhere throughout the world.
  • The user can pick their rental boat with the features includes:
  • May set the boat length with minimum and maximum size.
  • With or without a captain to sail the boat.
  • Choose the amenities includes TV, Pool, AC, Escalator, etc,
  • The user can choose the boat even with the ratings given to them by previous clients and this will boost the trust among the users.


  • Instant Booking options also available and this will avoid the waiting time for the booking.
  • Once the user is satisfied with the service from the motorboats then they can complete the booking with the secure payment option.

Regarding the Hosts:

  • A host of Airbnb clone script can explore and earn more with the following features.
  • Can list their boat and yacht with the available amenities and extra features they have with them.
  • The user can directly interact with their host through messaging option.
  • Once the booking is over the entire process ends with the secure payment option.
  • To start your business in boat & yacht business then visit us to know more

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